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Core values: customer success, unity and integrity, steadfast diligence; customer-centric, rapid response, and strive to create value for customers;

Customer: respect for customers, understanding customers, customer success, exceed customer expectations continue to provide products and services.
Employees: Employees are the most important asset 3DSWAY; staff quality and improve the level of expertise is 3DSWAY wealth growth; employee benefits and the level of life is embodied 3DSWAY operating results;

3DSWAY respect each employee's personality, respect for the individual wishes of employees, respect the choice of the rights of employees.

Products: innovation and continuous improvement of service is 3DSWAY only "product."

Market: Find, explore the most suitable for our market and strive to achieve the highest market share.

Management: Management is the cornerstone policy of all business activities.
Slogan: small firewood 3D: I made Moses, what you create.