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Shenzhen 3DSWAY Technology Co., Ltd

Vision: Chinese leading brand desktop 3D printing

Enterprise Mission: wisdom made the highest quality products, to do the most honest service.

Development goals: "a 3D industry-leading level, do Chinese 3D printing."

Enterprise spirit: "unity and hard work, full of passion; pioneering and innovative, service-oriented with experience."
▶ "unity and hard work" is the fundamental guiding ideology of a good business development, through communication, coordination, cooperation, and create a fair and impartial favorable business environment, the formation of pitch in unison situation.

▶ "hard work" in the work must be accurate, efficient, and at the completion of the task to be "He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man," the heroic feelings, there must be "not bow, do not throw in the towel, wiped away the tears, hold" heroism on the development of realistic milestones, encouraging moderate advance.

▶ "passionate" small business itself must passionate to move forward the steady development of the industry.

▶ "pioneering and innovative" innovation is the core competitiveness of enterprises to maintain permanently the necessary conditions.

▶ "service-oriented with experience" with experience only pay attention to customer service, to which influential circles in order to promote development, customer experience centers to explore 3D printing new development.

▶ corporate slogan: small firewood 3D: I made Moses, what you create.