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Shenzhen 3DSWAY Technology Co., Ltd

1、Public accounts::17% VAT special invoices
Company Name:Shenzhen Di Siwei Technology Co., Ltd., China Merchants Bank, Shenzhen Branch Branch Branch

Company account:755,928,700,810,801

2、Public accounts:ordinary invoices dedicated

Company Name:Shenzhen **** Shenzhen Branch of China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd. Xin Branch
Company account:755,928,700,810,801

Alipay public accounts:13798395366@163.com Shenzhen Di Siwei Technology Co., Ltd.
Alipay to private accounts:13724311916 ** Mei

For private accounts
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Shenzhen Xili Branch Name: ** bright 6,212,264,000,027,133,418
Bank of China Shenzhen Xixiang Branch Name: ** bright 6,217,852,000,012,146,778
Agricultural Bank of China Shenzhen Xixiang Branch Name: ** bright 6,228,480,128,390,220,779